Landmark Theatre

Syracuse, NY


The Landmark Theatre was originally built in 1928 as the Loew’s State Theatre and designed by Thomas Lamb, a famous movie palace architect, in what he called “European Byzantine Romanesque” style. In 2000, Holmes▪King▪Kallquist & Associates was engaged to restore the theater’s main lobby walls and ceilings as the first step in the overall restoration of the building. Ornate plaster ornament and decorative painting were restored. Working with EverGreene Studios, damaged areas were touched up and blended, intact finishes cleaned, and extensive gilded areas restored. Metal work was restored, and light fixtures cleaned and returned to operation. Finally, the extensive Indo-Persian murals were carefully conserved and restored. Taken together, the return of the lobby’s bright colors, sparkling gold, and exotic decoration has restored much of the theatre’s original mystique.



2002 Build New York Award
Small Renovation
General Building Contractors of New York State, Inc.