Rowland House

Aurora, NY


This historic lakeshore home was built in 1903 to the design of Gaggin and Gaggin Architects.  It is an eclectic mix of late shingle-style and Colonial Revival influences, with an expansive stair hall, a broad wraparound porch, and an extraordinary view of Cayuga Lake.  Holmes▪King▪Kallquist was asked to renovate the long-vacant house to create additional rooms for The Inns of Aurora.  All existing living areas and bedrooms were restored, with new bathrooms carefully fit into original service spaces.  New bedrooms in the original third floor brought the room count to eleven.  The site was carefully landscaped to create a terraced lawn, the original “Roman Temple” pavilion restored, and the heavily modified original boathouse returned to near its original appearance.  Finally, to accommodate storage and food preparation needs, a shingled carriage barn was designed to replace the 1960s garage on the property.