Destiny USA

Syracuse, NY


Holmes▪King▪Kallquist & Associates was engaged to provide architecture and interior design services for the public areas of the Destiny USA addition to Carousel Center (1,200,000 square feet) and the common areas of the original building. Work included design of all public shopping spaces, including storefronts, lighting, flooring design, signage, pedestrian bridge from parking area over adjacent street, all finish materials, retail kiosks, customer service desks, furniture, fabric architecture, and sculptural timber and fabric trees. Metal “artichoke” paneled, LED lit ceilinged portals connect the existing 1990 center with the addition which has an industrial aesthetic. The multiple wood species trees add human scale to the three-story Canyon and the fabric top provides a foil for the LED light show. The project which now totals 2.4 million square feet, has achieved LEED® Gold certification, making it the largest LEED Gold retail project in the world.