Oneida Public Library

Oneida, NY


In 2010, Holmes▪King▪Kallquist & Associates was engaged by the Oneida Public Library to determine the optimum library building size for the City of Oneida. Based on the draft space program developed by Holmes▪King▪Kallquist & Associates for the library and analysis derived from the collection size, the current library programming and community services, and standard library practices, Holmes▪King▪Kallquist & Associates developed a new library building of 16,000 sq. ft. with an additional 7,000 sq. ft. reserved for future growth. The library is a new, one-story building including a community meeting room accommodating 100 people, with all library service functions on one level and on-site parking to accommodate 75 vehicles.

Completed: 2021

Construction Cost:

Photos ©Don Cochran Photography