Hendricks Chapel

Syracuse, NY


Holmes▪King▪Kallquist & Associates was asked to restore the roof on Hendricks Chapel, a National Register structure which dominates the Syracuse University Quadrangle.  The Chapel was designed by John Russell Pope, in association with Dwight James Baum, as the anchor to Pope’s master plan for Syracuse University.  The major goals for this restoration were that the appearance was to be returned to the original as Pope intended it, inherent design flaws were to be corrected, and ease of maintenance was to be improved.  The original lead-coated copper dome roof was replaced with copper coated with a zinc-tin alloy to reduce the lead abrasion and subsequent streaking and staining which characterized the original roof.  Drains and expansion joints were relocated to reduce thermal movement failures.  The demi-dome above the altar was completely re-framed to introduce expansion joints and prevent temperature-related bulging and split seams.  All masonry was cleaned and pointed, and control joints cleaned and resealed.  Even the original oculus skylight was cleaned and re-glazed with new custom-made copper glazing caps.