Temple Adath Yeshurun

Syracuse, NY


Holmes▪King▪Kallquist was engaged to restore an iconic 1971 Percival Goodman-designed synagogue.  We were initially engaged to locate the cause of several 20-year-old leaks and design long-term repairs.  After analyzing and identifying the leak sources, we determined the failure mechanisms and made the necessary repairs to the low slope roofs utilizing a modified bitumen membrane system.  We were then asked to design a replacement of the stainless steel pyramidal sanctuary roof.  This project included replacement of the roof assembly down to primary steel roof framing, and included stainless steel standing seam roof panels and flashings, replicating the original waterproof membrane, insulated nailbase and metal deck substrate, and EPDM-lined gutters with enhanced drainage and snow-melting system.

Phase 1 Completed:

Construction Cost:

Phase II Completed: